What Are the Risks of Being Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer?

Most cases of ovarian cancer tend to develop in women aged 50 years and over; however, this is not always the case, as a woman might be at risk of developing it.

Although the exact cause is not clear, there are certain factors that can affect the likelihood of a woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer (at any age), and others do not. There are many lawsuits against talcum powder claiming that many companies use talc in their product which causes cancer.

Problems with ovarian cancer are that most of the time it is usually diagnosed while in the final stages (stage III or later) after already doing a lot of damage.

And, although ovarian cancer may be cured with a diagnosis of early-stage, it is less likely to be cured when phase III or subsequent developments have occurred (depending on the type of cancer in women diagnosed with).

How many species exist?

1. Epithelial Ovarian Cancer – is the most common type (responsible for about 9 out of every 10 cases) and dominant in women aged 50 years and over.

2. Germ Cell Ovarian cancer – are less common (responsible for about 1 in 10 cases) and more likely to be found in younger women, although it is highly curable (even when diagnosed at a late stage).

3. Ovarian cancer stroma – very rare (responsible for a small percentage of cases are diagnosed between 5% – 8%), although a woman may be at risk of developing it.