Know More About Rechargeable Batteries

If you look at most of the high-end electrical equipment you such as laptops, PDAs, mobile phones etc. mp3 player, most likely, it will be powered by lithium-based batteries.

Because it is expensive, it is logical to use the right way to prolong his life.

Here are 6 tips that you can use to extend the battery life Lithium base.

1) Fill out frequently – If you use a Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery, make a habit of a frequent load. A good example is a mobile phone. Even if you only use 10 percent of the stored energy, plugin and recharge. Every good quality rechargeable 18650 battery is covered by a 2-year warranty against defects.  

2) Avoid deep discharge – If possible, do not let the battery go completely flat. in the cycle will focus on the base and it will affect his life.


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3) Stay calm – do not leave Apple PowerBook G4 battery to be exposed to high temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight or your portable storage device in a hot car.

4) Never freezes – Do not expose the cold weather. Extreme temperatures can damage the core.

5) Connect the camera – Here's a good tip. If you use a cable to your laptop without battery Toshiba pa3465u 1brs, to do so. Remove the battery and store in a cool place. Run your laptop with a current socket.

6) Do not buy HP Pavilion DV5 battery storage of spare – It's not a good practice to buy Battery section for storage purposes. Look closely at the date of manufacture. Storage up old stock, even at a reduced price is not a good idea.