How Essential Is Dismissal Security and Efficiency

Independent K-12 schools must comply with higher safety standards, including being able to track and document the arrival and appearance campus for all students, visitors and staff.

Students are the biggest and the most vulnerable groups on campus on certain days, and scheduling changes can often be a challenge for school owners. 

We have found that the 10 percent of students typically change their plans for the day firings on average, such as arranging an early pickup or return with friends.

Most schools manage these changes manually, through phone calls and e-mails. This practice increases the risk of accidents and can result in the student communication will not go home with an adult in charge, do not take the right bus or not where they should be.

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In a recent survey of 30 schools, we found that:

  • 41 percent do not have a method for real-time tracking and communicating about student arrival and dismissal.
  • 83 percent do not have a surveillance staff warning technology for vehicles entering the campus.
  • 61 percent were not satisfied with how they manage information about the driver "authorized" and did not have a way to relevant staff to easily access photos and names drivers.