Save Lives with Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death of children aged 1-4 in Canada, and 38% of those deaths occur in swimming pools, reported the Ottawa Police. One way to prevent this tragedy from happening in your pool is to adjust one of the pool safety covers that are available.

Benefits of Covers

Security: The main benefit of safety includes protection because they help to prevent children and pets from falling into your pool. Well manufactured pool cover must meet the ASTM International standard security barrier. You can buy fixed and retractable pool enclosures from various internet sources.

Savings: Because the pool sheltered from the sun when the pool cover has been extended, the algae growth is inhibited to a large extent, which allows a reduction in the use of pool chemicals. Debris and leaves cannot fall into the pool, so you do not have to clean so often with the other pool equipment such as spoons and filters.

As the pool water is clean, you use your electric pump, giving you savings on electric utilities. In addition, a pool covers to prevent evaporation weight so you do not need to top up your pool so often with water.

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Convenience: Swimming pool covers are usually made to be the right fit for your pool, making them easy to use and remove (and they look lovely). Some dense cover has a built-in drainage system that allows rainwater to flow through into the easy-to-clean mesh filter.

Covers type

When you buy a pool cover you should be able to choose from two different materials:

Mesh: It covers usually lightweight, durable, and often costs less than a dense cover.

Solid vinyl: This type of fabric helps to prevent the growth of algae, and reduce the time needed for maintenance and cleaning with the other pool equipment.

While it may still cold outside, spring has begun and this is the right time to start thinking about the pool for the summer.