Get Familiar With IPL Laser Hair Removal Technique

IPL is an abbreviation of Intense Pulse Light. IPL Hair removal system was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 1997. IPL laser hair removal is now available with excellent technology as a pulsed light device that can really solve the problem of unwanted body hair in many cases,

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Two acronyms to help you in your quest –

  • VPL: Variable Pulsed Light

  • IPL: Intense Pulsed Light

Variable Pulse Light

It is an advanced version of the primary package and using a variety of specific wavelengths gets the biggest consumption by melanin to help unblock the hair follicles. The benefit of this system is that the light rays actually stop the extension of all the hair composition from rough to fine with minimal effect on the skin.

Intense Pulse Light

It sounds like fun if you are struggling with unwanted hair. Are there any disadvantages? Well, there is the cost of one thing. IPL hair removal is certainly not the cheapest treatment of hair removal, but it's really not as expensive as electrolysis.

PL hair removal covers a large area at one time for the treatment of many hair follicles, whereas electrolysis treats painstakingly one by one.

For proper costing, you need to consult at the clinic you choose. They certainly will do a test to see how your skin needs care. They will be able to evaluate the number of sessions, you will probably need and cost estimates.