All you need to know about glassblowing


One of the most beautiful, versatile and practical art forms considered in the world is glassblowing. With the help of blowpipe, air is blown into the molten glass that gives a specific shape to the glass. If the blowing skill is of the highest quality, all types of glass objects can be created. This form of art is considered to be satisfying allowing you to showcase your skills on creativity. And moreover, people working in this profession are considered a profession where they get to earn handsome salaries.

Tools for Glassblowing

  1. Blowpipe Considered to be the main instrument.
  2. Jacks and Steel Tweezers These are instruments required to remove the glass from the blowpipe.
  3. Furnaces An instrument required to heat the glass making it more malleable.
  4. Marver Not an instrument but a table which helps in shaping the glass.

The Steps

On one end of the blowpipe, the molten glass is first assembled. Then rolling of the blowpipe takes place just over the marver that helps in shaping the glass in both ways symmetrically and cylindrically. Once the glass starts hardening, it is reheated again at another furnace. This step is done to ensure the glass remains hot and doesnt cool down.

During the reheating and blowing of the glass, continuous rotation of the blowpipe needs to be maintained in order to maintain the shape. Just before the final step, the glass smith needs to blow air into the glass with the blowpipe in order to reach the desired shape. In the end, small tools are required to give shape and color.

With the help of this art form, you can also ask a glass smith to make etched wedding glasses.