Bed Bug Dogs – What Kind Of Dogs Are They?

Pest control and management is a service that is used in many homes, schools, offices and many other commercial buildings.

Some pest control service has a different way of battling pests depending on the particular pests found in the property and the extent of pests has dominated the house. You can also navigate to this website to know more about bed bug dogs.

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The most common pests found in the property today are bed bugs and termites. Since ancient times the pest has become the most difficult pest to get rid of because of their resistance to the chemicals used to eradicate them.

Various ways that pests have been eradicated, including the use of highly toxic insecticide that is done repeatedly so that the pest got rid of.

Nowadays there is a new trend of using dogs to sniff out pests that may be prowling in places that traditional pest extermination methods cannot reach them.

Bed bug dogs are trained dogs that can detect the existence of pests or their eggs in a room with an accuracy of 96%. They do this by sniffing the aroma of pests in any place they might be hiding or even multiply and then alert technicians when they find pest control pests.

Some pest control management firms now offer services in the eradication of bed bugs that include the use of Bed bug dogs. After a good training, the dog can be owned by an individual for personal use or by companies involved in the control of pest management.