Melasma And Ways To Prevent It

The most common type of skin disorder named melasma usually affects women, though men may be affected as well. It is characterized by the appearance of brown spots or dark stains around the face, often symmetrical and evenly dispersed. 

Excessive sun exposure is the common predisposing factor since it stimulates the melanocytes on the skin resulting in skin pigmentation. Melasma is often seen in areas with tropical climates. To get more information about melasma treatment visit

melasma treatment

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Melasma can be seen in the prominent areas of the face like the cheekbones, forehead, and upper lip but it can also appear on other areas like the lower cheeks, nose, chin, and sides of the throat.

Although Melasma is completely harmless and is not anyway associated with any type of disorder; its unsightly appearance is of excellent concern. Melasma prevention may be achieved starting by safeguarding your face against the harmful rays of the sun.

Prevention is always better than cure. Melasma cannot be exactly prevented from occurring but there are ways of minimizing your chances of getting it.

Since sunlight exposure has been regarded as a large contributing factor in the incidence of Melasma, daily sunscreen use, and sun avoidance is still regarded as the best prevention tips. Wearing a fantastic sunscreen is your very best defense against melasma.

It can allow you to protect your skin to be in direct contact with sunlight. The less contact you've got with the UV rays, the most unlikely you'll get to have melasma.