Reciprocating Or Rotary – Which Air Conditioner Compressor Is The Best?

With global temperatures rising, especially during the summer, the demand for air conditioners has soared to a new level. Different technologies have come up in the industry that not only produces energy-saving air conditioning but powerful as well.Have a peek here  as most of these technologies suggest a change in the compressor.

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This is a compressor that works behind to cool specific areas. It is a machine that extracts most of the power when the air conditioning is being used. While you are looking for the best air conditioning in India, mindfulness of the compressor is very important because it ensures the enduring use of your air conditioner.

The main task of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant to high pressure and turn it into a high pressure, high-temperature liquid which is then passed to a condenser that removes heat from the liquid and heat dissipation into the environment. 

High-pressure liquid air is finally passed through the expansion valve and is doing the work to change the liquid refrigerant into a gas and then distributed via the evaporator into the room.

There are mainly two types of compressors used by each air-conditioning company – Reciprocating, and Rotary.

Reciprocating (piston) air compressor

Compressor serves a combination of cylinder and piston that is quite similar to a car engine. Piston boasts of the "back-and-forth" motion of the first compress the gas and then release it.

Rotary air compressor

A rotary air compressors generally consist of a pair of rotors of a unique design featuring a very little distance between each other. This rotor moves in the opposite direction and then the air is passed through them to get out at a higher pressure than before.