Our Services

Site Visit & Tree Analysis

      • We will visit your site and evaluate your trees as candidates for upcycling. We will help determine whether the trees are economically viable for upcycling as well as what end products can be made from the trees.
      • This service will help you understand the upcycling potential of your trees. We evaluate individual trees, determine the species, as well as the size, structure, and health of the tree. We also determine accessibility to the site and how the logs will be removed.
      • Most importantly we determine what can be made from the tree(s). Our 20 years of experience in this area are invaluable. We know what can and cannot be built from individual trees, and how much of a product can be built from a specific tree. You want to be sure you have enough wood to complete your project – we’ll determine if you do.
      • Keep in mind that you don’t have to have trees on your site to work with us. We can make products for you from trees obtained at other sites. if you have the wood but are concerned you do not have enough, don’t worry, we have additional supplies of wood to supplement what you have.

Coordinate With Arborist and Tree Service

      • We do not actually cut down trees, but we do coordinate with arborists and tree service companies to make sure the tree is cut properly. We have detailed specifications to make sure the tree is cut into the properly sized sections. We’ll talk directly with your tree removal contractor.

Material Pick-up

      • We’ll come to the site and pick up the logs. We have a number of ways to remove logs, the bottom line is – we’ll get the logs off your site.
      • Keep in mind one option that makes CitiLog different from virtually any company in the country. We can move the logs from where the tree was felled to our truck via a team of Belgian draft horses. This method can dramatically reduce the use of heavy equipment near the felling site, which reduces the compaction of soil that may harm other trees. This method of removal has been used in the past for consideration of LEED Innovation Credits.

Finished Product Consultation

      • We build some of the most beautiful wood products you’ll ever see and we will consult with you in detail on the products we can build. As with any quality wood work we don’t work off sketches, we require architectural drawings to assure maximum quality. If you don’t have an architect or draftsman – we may be able to suggest one, but we will let you know if the products you want can be built with the wood you provide or the wood we can access from other sources.

Finished Product Construction & Delivery

      • The bottom line is we build beautiful things out of wood. The products and projects section of our web site shows some of what we can do, but it can’t show everything. You will not find better craftspeople to make your product.
      • In some projects, we deliver the finished product ready to go. Examples include tables, chairs, benches, etc..
      • In many projects, we deliver finished products that are then installed by a contractor hired by the project manager. Examples include flooring, case, and millwork, siding,etc.. We do not handle the actual installation in these projects – we supply the installer with the product he needs to complete the work. We work well with general contractors and installers in a wide range of trades, and we may be able to recommend specific contractors to complete the installation of our products.


      • We’ll use our extensive experience to help you with the documentation required for your LEED point accreditation.

Full Circle Upcycling

    • Collectively what all the above services become is what we call CitiLog Full Circle Upcycling. To learn more about this process please visit our page dedicated to the subject.