Interesting Games For Your Android Phone

You can turn your smartphone into a pocket game console with an interesting android game. Multi touch screen and accelerometer sensor provide exceptional gaming experience. The open-source Android platform is growing very fast. Thousands of games are available for Android smartphones.

Android Market is an application installed on all android devices. Users can easily install applications and games from the android market. It is both free and paid apps and games. Here is a list of the most attractive Android games.

Coin Master

It was released back in 2010. It was pretty much the whole game. You collect spins slowly with time, and you spend them for spinning slot machines, which can make an attack, coins, shield, or more spins. You can also get coin master free link via

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games. Angry Birds is a physics-based puzzle game with beautiful graphics. In this game, you have to eliminate the evil pigs by using slingshot birds and take their eggs. You have different kinds of birds with different abilities to kill the pigs.

Cut The Rope

Cutting the rope is a puzzle game and it is really interesting. In this game your goal is to feed candy to the monster funny. Candy is tied up with a rope. You have to cut the rope in a way that the candy falls directly into the mouth of a monster hungry. This game has amazing graphics cartoon style. Cutting the rope is a fun and highly addictive game.