Basic Home Security Camera Installation

The huge surge of security cameras and surveillance for the private home is largely due to the affordability of camera technology, but along with this has come to a new simplicity in security camera installation.

What was once a fairly complicated process is now simple enough for almost anyone to accomplish. Not only is the technology affordable, but people are also saving a bundle on installation costs.

By shopping online, consumers are able to purchase the equipment they need, have it directly shipped to their door, and complete their own installation of a new home security camera system. Installing your own surveillance system is easy when following these guidelines.

The more important part of the process is deciding what kind of system you need. How many cameras do you need, do you need audio, color video, or a wireless system?

The answers to these questions obviously depend on the primary use of this security camera system as well as your personal preferences. Also, consider if cameras will be located outside as well as inside. After deciding on the best system and having it shipped to your door, you are ready to install it.

The first step of the actual installation is determining the exact area for surveillance. With the area defined, it is then important to position the camera at the right distance in order to cover that area.

Once you have chosen the position, hold the camera up to that position and mark where screws will be driven through the mounting bracket that comes with the camera. On some surfaces, you may need to pre-drill holes for the screws to drive.