Are You Going Green? Timber Cladding Wall Is The Best Option

The environment has become a heavy issue discussed in various world forums and international gatherings. A lot has been said but very little has been done to reverse environmental degradation and climatic change. One of the initiatives companies and individuals are taking upon themselves is Going Green. This involves adopting planet-friendly practices at home, at work, and in fact in every sphere of life. You can also look for timber wall cladding via

Building and construction are some of these areas in which going green can prove beneficial. Buildings use up a lot of energy being heated and being kept heated due to the large loss of heat occasioned by bad building practices timber cladding wall finish has come up as one of the ways to reverse this and conserve most of the energy in buildings.

Timber cladding wall paneling involves covering the outer surfaces of the building with resilient hardwoods in a process known as external timber cladding. These hardwoods have exceptional insulation characteristics and are able to prevent the loss of heat from a building.

Some studies peg this improved energy efficiency at upwards of thirty percent. This translates to 30% less energy used to keep the building heated. In addition, adding acoustical wall panels on the inside eliminates echoes and increases acoustic quality.

Timber cladding wall modification is also environmentally friendly in that it utilizes thin strips of wood to cover a pre-existing building. This saves on timber and other building materials that would have been used in the house was torn down and a new one built. Using this method is one of the best ways of being a responsible citizen of this planet.