About Us

Our Mission
CitiLog and our affiliates CampusLog and CitiWood Works are innovative urban forestry pioneers whose mission is to save trees from being dumped in landfills, cut for firewood, or ground up for mulch. In the process, we provide a valuable source of quality lumber, cabinetry, millwork and a wide variety of finished wood products. In the process we sequester the carbon in the wood so it does not contribute to the build-up of greenhouse gases – something that would happen if the tree was dumped in a landfill, burned or ground.

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Recycle what You have… Be Frugal with Nature’s Bounty. When you participate in a green building project, you realize that it is not just the right way to build – it is the only way we should build. Citilog has been involved in some of the most innovative green building projects in the northeastern United States. We are the people who see where the tree touches the soil, we know that from that spot it can go so many different places, and we are determined that it be upcycled into new wood products. We have seen the magic that occurs when you combine human determination with human ingenuity. If you are determined to make sure that no tree goes to waste – call us, together we can create something magical.

Our Experience
CitiLog was started in 1991 – we are widely regarded as one of the most experienced wood upcycling and repurposing companies in the country. Our breadth of experience is detailed in both the projects and products of our site. However, not all the projects and products we have been involved with are included. No words here can replace the value of talking with you about your project. Call us, we would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and share our experience.